First assignment: visit the town. (Niiiice, Erik!)

First assignment: visit the town. (Niiiice, Erik!)


We arrived in Montpellier on Saturday…The trip went smoothly and all the students were greeted at the airport by their host families. The adventures begin tomorrow!

Christina Chabrier

About This Trip

WTI-2G French Language and Culture in the South of France
Professor Christina Chabrier

In this course, we explore the south of France while learning French at an accelerated rate. Montpellier is ideal for combining language study with an experience of French culture and history. Its numerous universities contribute to the vibrancy and youth of the population, while its foundations remind one of the oldness of the city itself. It is also a melting pot of cultures, combining French traditions with influences from other countries. In this program, morning language study precedes afternoons of casual conversation or cultural activities. Weekends provide opportunities for longer group excursions to nearby attractions. This course, completed with a passing grade, may be used as part of the Language Requirement or as credit towards the major or minor. No previous French experience required.